Elevate your entertainment with
a personal cinema hall experience.


Elevate your entertainment with
a personal cinema hall experience.


Elevate your entertainment with
a personal cinema hall experience.

Your Ultimate Entertainment Partner

Stream movies & TV shows on the big screen, surf the web, explore VR experiences and much more with the JioDive VR headset anywhere, anytime.

Private Viewing
Enjoy trending movies or web series and surf the web in complete privacy.
Personal Theatre
Try this theatre-like experience at home on a 100-inch virtual screen.
360° VR Content
Explore a wide range of YouTube 360° videos, VR games, apps, and more.

Entertainment in VR

Choose and watch over 6,000+ movies, 1,000+ TV shows, and 1,000+ live TV channels, all on a breathtaking 100-inch virtual screen. With JioDive, your smartphone transforms into a gateway to unparalleled entertainment, allowing you to escape into your favorite movies and shows in a way that feels as if you’re in your very own private cinema hall.

360° Experiences

JioDive transports you to the heart of the action, ensuring that every moment is a captivating journey that transcends traditional viewing. Experience a new dimension of entertainment with JioDive’s 360° feature. Dive into the heart of live sports, reality shows, music concerts, virtual tours, adventure sports, and beyond, as you immerse yourself in content that feels like real-life presence.

VR Educational Experiences

Unlock the future of education with JioDive’s immersive learning in VR. Delve into a world of knowledge by downloading and using a wide array of VR learning apps from the JioImmerse. With JioDive, education becomes an unforgettable adventure, where users can immerse themselves in interactive and immersive learning experiences.

VR Gaming Experiences

Level-up your gaming experience to a whole new level with JioDive’s immersive VR gaming. Dive into a realm of thrilling adventures, heart-pounding action, and interactive fun by downloading and playing a variety of VR games available in the JioImmerse.


Step into the JioImmerse, the largest library of of VR apps and immersive experiences in India. Explore a diverse collection of VR apps across various genres, that you can enjoy with your JioDive VR headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear spectacles while using JioDive?

Yes, JioDive can be worn over your spectacles. Moreover, you can adjust the focus up to a certain level as per your eye power. To do that, use both the side and centre wheels till you achieve a sharper image.

What phone do I need to use JioDive?

You need an Android or iOS phone with a display size between 4.7 and 6.7 inches. Compatible OS versions are Android 9 and above & iOS 15 and above. The phone must be equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

To check if your phone is compatible, install the JioImmerse app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After that, go to the profile section and click on phone compatibility.

Do I need to install any app on my phone to use JioDive?

You must install the JioImmerse app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

Do I need to be a Jio customer to use the JioImmerse app?

Requires Jio number for JioImmerse app login. Works with any network or Wi-Fi.

How to start using JioDive?

Step 1: Scan the QR code on the box and install the JioImmerse app.

Step 2: Give all permissions as suggested and log in with your Jio number.

Step 3: Select the JioDive option and tap on “Watch on JioDive”.

Step 4: Open the front cover to place the phone between the phone support clip and the lenses in JioDive and close the front cover.

Step 5: Put on the JioDive headset and adjust the straps to fit comfortably on your head.

Step 6: Use the center and side wheels to adjust picture quality for the best viewing experience.