Future of reality
is here

Enter a new dimension of entertainment and work

Coming Soon

Future of reality
is here

Enter a new dimension of entertainment and work

Coming Soon

Key Features

FHD 3D Display

Stream your favorite movies, sports, and shows on a crystal-clear 1080p display.

Spects Compatible
Configure your JioGlass with prescription inserts to get a comfortable experience even for users with spectacles.
Spatial Audio
Surround yourself in a truly immersive experience with spatial audio on your JioGlass.
TÜV Certified
JioGlass is TÜV certified to be safe on your eyes even for extended usage.
The weight of any entirely new universe and experiences is just 69 grams with JioGlass.
Extended Workspace
From your spreadsheet to your presentations, enhance your workspace with multi-screen support on your JioGlass.
Virtual Controller
Control your entire experience with a simple tap on your smartphone screen.
Plug n Play*
Get guidance on how to develop engaging applications from Jio’s rich leadership ecosystem.

Immersive Personal Theatre

AR based smart glass with FHD micro-LED 3D display that elevates your entertainment and work to new heights

Immersive Controller

Say goodbye to complex or bulky peripherals and convert your smartphone into an intuitive, multifunctional controller for all your immersive experiences, whether it is entertainment or work. Point, scroll, and select with the utmost ease, all at your fingertips.

Extend your Displays Virtually

Experience a new dimension of versatility and convenience as you blend your digital and real worlds. Whether you’re working on presentations, attending virtual meetings, or immersing yourself in creative tasks, JioGlass enables you to seamlessly integrate up to three virtual screens into your workflow.

Immersive Gaming

Unlock an unparalleled level of immersive gaming with your JioGlass AR smart glasses. Indulge in hyper casual mobile games or simply connect your gaming consoles and PCs to enhance your gaming experience on a virtual big screen.

Immersive Learning Experience

Step into the world of immersive learning with JioGlass, where education knows no boundaries. Our extensive collection of educational apps on JioImmerse spans across Science and Mathematics to English and beyond, all presented in a fully interactive format that is suitable for learners of all ages.

100+ Dedicated 3D Apps

Enhance your customer support by allowing agents to visually guide customers through troubleshooting, setup, or usage of products.



FHD (1920×1080) for each eye
Strain free usage with TUV 
Blue light certifications
FOV: 40 degrees


Proximity sensor
9 Axis IMU sensor


Swipe to control volume from left
Swipe to control brightness from right


Inbuilt dual stereo speakers


Integrated microphone for voice calls


Detachable USB-C 1.2 meter cable

Compatible Devices

DP supported phones and tablets (Android, iOS)
Laptop (Windows and Mac)


5s Boot up time
1s Resume time
4hrs Runtime 3D mode (4000mAh battery)


Immersive Mode
AR Cast
Virtual Desktop Monitor
Virtual PC


Magnetic prescription frames for lenses -1.5 to -5 (lenses to be fitted by optician)


Open stem dimensions: 174(L) x 155(W) x 38(H) mm
Closed stem dimensions: 150(L) x 50(W) x 45(H) mm


69gms (without cable and visor)


1 year for JioGlass
3 months on Cable

Inside The Box

QUG (Quick user guide)
VR Cup
AR visor
VR visor
Nose Piece
USB-C Cable
Microfiber Cloth
Carry Case
Prescription inserts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JioImmerse?

JioImmerse is an application to be installed on your smartphone, it acts as a companion app for our AR product JioGlass and our VR product JioDive.

Which mobile operating system is supported by the JioImmerse app?
  1. Android 9 and above are supported by the JioImmerse
    • JioDive Support : Android 9 and Above
    • JioGlass Support : Android 11 and Above
  2. You can also check if your phone is compatible using the Phone Compatibility Check at JioGlass
Is JioGlass supported with iOS?
  1. Yes, JioGlass is supported with iPhone 15 series smartphones.
  2. You can check the compatible phones on Check if your Smartphone supports JioGlass Headset.
How to download and install the JioImmerse app?
  1. Scan the QR code available on JioGlass Packaging Box and download JioImmerse app from Google play store.
  2. You can download JioImmerse app from JioGlass website.
  3. You can download JioImmerse app from Google Play Store.
Does JioGlass product have an adjustable setting for people with spectacles?

Yes, if you have a spectacles then you can create your prescription lens from the optician which can be magnetically attached to the JioGlass.

How can i insert preceptive inserts in JioGlass?
  1. In case you wear corrective lenses, you can attach a set of prescription inserts with your JioGlass.
  2. Please visit your nearest optician to have your lenses attached to the prescription inserts before using them with JioGlass.
  3. Place the prescription inserts above the optical lenses, and snap on the frame magnets as shown.
How does Virtual Controller work?
  1. In JioGlass Immersive mode, your smartphone acts as a Virtual Controller.
  2. Click – Single press on the trackpad with your finger lets you interact with menus/objects and icons in Immersive mode.
  3. Grab – Long press of the trackpad will let you grab any grabbable object in Immersive mode. You can use your head to move the grabbed objects and then release finger from trackpad to drop the object wherever you want.
  4. Trackpad Swipe – Swipe on the trackpad allows the user to scale and rotate objects in the Immersive mode or navigate through lists and menus.
  5. Back button – This is a universal button for all the apps to go back to the previous screen
  6. Home – Single press on Home button brings you back to the Home screen where you can access the list of apps.
  7. Long Press Home – Recenter – Long press on Home button allows you to recenter your view. This helps you to reorient the content in the direction you are currently facing.
I am having headaches or nausea after using JioGlass?
  1. If you are having a headache or nausea, disconnect the JioGlass and take a break for 10-15 min.
  2. There might be headaches for users who are experiencing XR for the first time.
What should I do if I start feeling sweat around my forehead or get fog on my glasses?
  1. Please remove the JioGlass. Take a 5-10 mins break.
  2. You can clean the JioGlass using microfiber cloth.