Digital Workflow and Remote Assistance

Provide your frontline team with industry-tested remote support, augmented reality solutions, and convenient hands-free assistance options.


Increase in the first time fix rates


Reduction in service resolution time


Increase in service efficiency


Better resolution rates for recurring issues

How XR Companion Will Help?


Increase in the first time fix rates


Reduction in service resolution time


Increase in service efficiency


Better resolution rates for recurring issues

Our Offerings

Challenge of Expertise

Local technicians often face challenges due to the absence of immediate access to specialized expertise, especially in complex tasks.

High Travel Costs and Time Consumption

Significant resources are spent on travel for experts to provide on-site assistance, leading to increased costs and time inefficiencies.

High Error Rates in Task Execution

Without direct expert oversight, the probability of errors in complex tasks is elevated, affecting the quality of work.

Safety Risks in Hazardous Work Environments

Conducting operations in dangerous settings, like chemical plants, poses severe safety risks without remote expert guidance.

Inadequate On-the-Job Training

Traditional training methods often fail to provide real-time, practical learning experiences, hindering skill development in technicians.

Delayed Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

Identifying and solving problems can be slow and inefficient without the ability to have real-time visual guidance from experts.

Industrial Maintenance

Real-time expert guidance for complex machinery repairs, reducing downtime and improving safety.

Healthcare Teleconsultations

Remotely collaborate with specialists during procedures, offering immersive and real-time expert advice.

Field Service Support

Ensure the safety of your team through engaging training in hazard identification, adherence to safety protocols, and emergency response management.

Emergency Services and First Response

Provide first responders with critical information overlaid on their real-world view, aiding in navigation, identifying hazards, and providing instructions.

Remote Inspection and Audits

AR enables experts to remotely inspect sites or equipment, guiding on-site workers through through visual support.

Customer Support and Service

Enhance your customer support by allowing agents to visually guide customers through troubleshooting, setup, or usage of products.

Key Features

No Code Checklist

Digitize offline task workflows and improve data capture and analysis effortleslly.

Remote Calling with Live Chat

Stay connected effortlessly through our remote calling and instant messaging tools. Seamlessly communicate with remote experts.

Hands-Free Operations

Enjoy hands-free operations with our innovative voice-command technology. Access information and support hands-free, enabling you to focus on the task at hand.

Secured with 256 Bit Encryption
XR Companion prioritizes your data security with advanced 256-bit encryption, guaranteeing confidential and protected communications and information.
Multiple Expert Support
Tap into a network of expertise. Benefit from the ability to engage with multiple experts simultaneously, allowing for comprehensive problem-solving and swift decision-making.​
AR Annotations
Allows experts to digitally draw, highlight, or add information in the real-world environment through AR, enhancing communication and guidance during remote assistance.


Across all the industries and verticals

Oil, Gas and Energy
Healthcare & Pharma
Logistics & Warehouse

and many more

Why Choose XR Companion?

Key Aspects

Regular Remote Assistance

XR Companion


Limited. Often relies on verbal descriptions and standard video.
Enhanced with 3D overlays, interactive visuals, and real-world integration.

Efficiency & Accuracy

Relies on traditional teaching methods; limited hands-on experiences.
Higher efficiency and accuracy due to real-time, visual guidance and clear instructions.


May involve travel costs for onsite visits.

Reduces travel costs and optimizes resource allocation through remote guidance.

Training Effectiveness

Often limited to theoretical knowledge and verbal instructions.
Offers immersive, hands-on training experiences with better knowledge retention.


Limited capacity to assist in hazardous environments remotely.
Enhances safety by providing remote guidance in risky environments and identifying hazards visually.


Can be limited by the necessity of physical presence or high-quality communication channels.
Easily scalable to different scenarios and industries due to its adaptability and digital nature.

Customer Satisfaction

Dependent on the quality of verbal communication and understanding.
Improved through interactive support and quicker, more effective problem resolution.

Data Utilization

Limited data collection and analysis capabilities.
Offers advanced data recording and analytics for continuous improvement and detailed insights.


Relatively static; adapts slowly to different industries and use cases.
Highly adaptable and customizable to various industries and specific use cases.

Supported on JioWare,Android SmartPhone, Atex Smartphone, Web

XR Companion works with


JioWare: durable, lightweight AR headset. Pocket-sized, IP66 water resistant, 155g. 2 HDR cameras, voice control, enterprise connectivity.JioWare: durable, lightweight AR headset. Pocket-sized, IP66 water resistant, 155g. 2 HDR cameras, voice control, enterprise connectivity.

XR Companion works with

Atex and Android Smartphones

XR Companion is best supported on Android Smartphones with OS Android 10+ and above. It is also supported with Industry grade Atex Smartphones.
Atex and Android Smartphones

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