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Elevate training beyond boundaries with immersive 3D models, personalized pathways, and improved learning outcomes. Empower learners to transcend limitations, bridge theory with real-world practice, and accelerate knowledge application.


Improvement in Employee's Learning Retention


Increase in Employee Engagement


Reduction in Training Time of Employee


Emotionally connected than traditional ways

How XR Learn Will Help?


Improvement in Employee's Learning Retention


Increase in Employee Engagement


Reduction in Training Time of Employee


Emotionally connected than traditional ways

Our Offerings

Learn Distraction-Free

AR & VR unlocks distraction free learning and training possibilities

iSense Technology

Advanced Learner Engagement Tracking through cutting-edge software and hardware.

Personalised Learning

Learn at one’s own pace, tailored to your unique needs and goals

No-code Content

Design courses without any coding backgrounds.

Intelligent Assesments

Move beyond traditional assessment techniques with Intelligent Assessments.

Powered by GenAI*

Revolutionize learning with AI-powered learning insights and recommendations.

Soft Skills with AI Powered Avatars

Enhance communication and interpersonal abilities in areas such as recruitment, employee integration, diversity, equity & inclusion, leadership growth, and navigating challenging dialogues.

Engaging Quizzes & Assessments

Develop engaging quizzes and assessments using XR technology to evaluate employees’ understanding of complex processes and ensure knowledge retention.

Health & Safety

Ensure the safety of your team through engaging training in hazard identification, adherence to safety protocols, and emergency response management.

Customized Learning Paths

Personalize learning for diverse roles and skills, guiding employees along tailored pathways linked to job requirements and career objectives.

Advanced Technical Training

Equip your team with specialized skills by offering immersive training sessions that incorporate detailed 3D models of complex machinery, enhancing technical proficiency.

360 Panoramic Experiences

Immerse employees in 360° experiences of offices, facilities, and workspaces, enhancing connection and familiarity.

3D Model Interactions

Engage employees with interactive digital twins of machinery for a hands-on learning experience, fostering better understanding and practical application.

Key Features

Enhanced Training Efficiency

Efficiently schedule your learn journeys with timed sessions.​Immerse yourself in content, maximizing comprehension.​

Immersive 3D Interactions

Engage in lifelike, immersive 3D learning experiences.​

360° Panaromic Experience

Elevate learning with 360° immersion for heightened engagement and understanding.

Software + Hardware + Content

Access a comprehensive learning ecosystem with JioGlass & JioDive Pro.​

No-Code Course/Content Creation

Create & Customize Learning Content with Our No-Code Content Creation Tool covering XR Learn Features

Performance Analytics & Feedback
Track progress and optimize learning using AI & Data - driven insights.​


Across all the industries and verticals

Oil, Gas and Energy
Healthcare & Pharma
Logistics & Warehouse

and many more

Why Choose XR Learn?

Key Aspects

Regular LMS

XR Learn (AR/VR based Learning)


Primarily textual and static visual aids.
Enhanced with 3D models, immersive content, and real-world integration.

Efficiency & Accuracy

Relies on traditional teaching methods; limited hands-on experiences.
Offers interactive and immersive learning, improving efficiency and knowledge retention.


May involve travel costs for onsite visits.

Reduces travel costs and optimizes resource allocation through remote guidance.

Training Effectiveness

Limited to theoretical knowledge and static materials.
Provides hands-on, practical learning experiences with interactive content for better skill development.


No direct impact on safety; may lack training for hazardous scenarios.

Enhances safety by simulating and training for hazardous scenarios in a controlled, virtual environment.


Challenges in scaling due to physical resource constraints.
Easily scalable to different industries and scenarios, adapting to diverse learning needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Dependent on traditional teaching methods and materials.
Improves customer satisfaction through interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Data Utilization

Limited data collection and analysis capabilities.
Offers advanced data recording and analytics for continuous improvement and detailed insights.


Relatively static; adapts slowly to different industries and use cases.
Highly adaptable and customizable to various industries and specific use cases.

Supported on JioGlass, JioDive Pro, Meta Quest, Web, SmartPhone

XR Learn is powered by


JioGlass offers a Distraction-Free Learning with a greater sense and quality of Immersiveness. Powered with iSense technology to track the learner's usage to enhance learning outcomes and advanced assessment evaluations.

XR Learn is enabled on

JioDive Pro

JioDive is a smartphone based passive 360 VR Immersive device that provides a Distraction-Free learning effectively.
JioDive Pro

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