XR Labs for Schools and Colleges

Dive into engaging, virtual learning environments with our XR (Extended Reality) labs, making education more interactive and immersive.

Rise in Student Engagement


Enhanced Subject Comprehension​


Decrease in Experimental Risks


Emotionally connected than traditional ways

How XR Labs Will Help?


Rise in Student Engagement


Enhanced Subject Comprehension​


Decrease in Experimental Risks


Emotionally connected than traditional ways

Our Offerings

Learn Distraction-Free

AR & VR unlocks distraction free learning and training possibilities

iSense Technology

Advanced Learner Engagement Tracking through cutting-edge software and hardware.

Personalised Learning

Learn at one’s own pace, tailored to your unique needs and goals

VR Walkthroughs

Explore virtual environments with immersive walkthroughs

Simulated Practicals​

Conduct virtual hands-on training and practical key sessions in XR

Powered by GenAI*

Revolutionize learning with AI-powered learning insights and recommendations.

Custom 3D Content Creation

Empower educators to design personalized 3D content tailored to the curriculum, enhancing visual and interactive learning experiences.

Immersive Learning

Transform traditional lessons into immersive experiences, allowing students to interact with complex concepts in 3D, fostering better understanding and retention.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Facilitate virtual tours of historical sites, scientific phenomena, or architectural wonders, transporting students to different locations without leaving the classroom.

Virtual Science Labs

Simulate realistic science experiments in a virtual lab, enabling students to safely conduct experiments and understand scientific principles in a controlled environment.

Students Onboarding

Ease the transition for new students by offering virtual onboarding sessions, guiding them through campus facilities, procedures, and important locations.

Interactive Language Learning

Create interactive language labs where students can engage in immersive conversations with virtual characters, enhancing language acquisition skills.

Key Features

Customised 3D content

Tailored learning with personalized 3D content creation

VR walkthroughs

Explore virtual environments with immersive walkthroughs

Interactive Immersive Experience

Engage in dynamic, hands-on learning with interactive experiences


Simulated Practical Learning

Conduct virtual hands-on training sessions
in XR

Performance Analytics

Track progress and optimize learning using data-driven insights.​

Software + Hardware Solution

Access a comprehensive learning ecosystem with JioGlass & JioDive Pro


Across all the industries and verticals

Oil, Gas and Energy
Healthcare & Pharma
Logistics & Warehouse

and many more

Why shift to XR Labs?

Key Aspects

Regular Training Platforms

XR Labs (AR VR based Training)

Content Creation

Primarily relies on standard content creation tools and methods

Empowers educators with custom 3D content creation, enabling tailored and engaging learning materials

Interactive Learning

Limited to traditional teaching methods; lacks interactive elements

Enhances learning with immersive 3D interactions, fostering engagement and deepening understanding

Educational Exploration

Limited exposure to real-world environments and scenarios

Facilitates virtual walkthroughs, transporting students to diverse locations for enhanced educational exploration

Practical Training

Relies on theoretical teaching; lacks hands-on practical experiences

Conducts immersive training sessions in virtual environments, providing practical and realistic hands-on experiences

New Student Onboarding

Typically involves physical tours and orientation sessions

Eases the transition for new students with virtual onboarding sessions, offering a 360-degree view of campus facilities and procedures

Supported on JioGlass, JioDive Pro, Meta Quest, Web, SmartPhone

XR Labs is powered by


JioGlass offers a Distraction-Free Learning with a greater sense and quality of Immersiveness. Powered with iSense technology to track the learner's usage to enhance learning outcomes and advanced assessment evaluations.

XR Labs is enabled on

JioDive Pro

JioDive is a smartphone based passive 360 VR Immersive device that provides a Distraction-Free learning effectively.
JioDive Pro

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