Steel Industry

 Know how our solutions effectively work for the Steel Industry

Increase in safety procedures knowledge


Reduction in safety risk incidents


Increase in quality control skills

Our Solution

The steel industry utilizes XR Companion for both remote training of new hires and on-site safety inspections with real-time expert guidance.

Steelworkers train in virtual environments for enhanced safety, while inspectors leverage interactive modules for quality control mastery using XR Learn

What are we solving?

Safety compliance

XR Companion provides real-time safety checklists and remote assistance for field workers.

Inaccurate defect detection

XR Learn offers immersive training modules for defect detection and maintain quality control.

Limited expert guidance

Remote guidance features enable experts to assist technicians in troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. 

Inefficient workflows

Workflow automation tools streamline production processes and improve efficiency. 

Inadequate technical training

Onboarding programs are enhanced with interactive simulations and hands-on training. 

Evidence documentation gap

Evidence capture capabilities allow for documentation of defects and adherence to quality standards.

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